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Passive Solar Heater - Workshop Heaters.

Passive Solar Heater

passive solar heater

    passive solar heater
  • A solar water or space-heating system in which solar energy is collected, and/or moved by natural convection without using pumps or fans. Passive systems are typically integral collector/storage (ICS; or batch collectors) or thermosyphon systems.

Passive Solar Design

Passive Solar Design

Even the workshop looks great inside. This is where Ianto tinkers in the winter time; he has a rocket mass heater right around knee level at the workbench, so he's laughing.
That, and the maximizing of passive solar available help to keep folks toasty year round.
Oh man. Did I just write "toasty?"
Here are more of those recycled sliding glass doors, this time used as windows.

Magic man and solar panels.

Magic man and solar panels.

More than a dozen models of passive solar hot water heaters on display outside a home improvement market.

passive solar heater

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